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There’s something new in Val di Fiemme!

Bed and Breakfast

Beautyfol live nature “Adults Only”.

B&Beautyfol rises up on the calm hill named Fol, Predazzo’s ancient rural hamlet, in Val di Fiemme valley in the Dolomites: a dreamlike landscape right at the foot of Latemar that we would like to share with you, opening our home to you.

The chalet is dyed yellow, the colour of the sun, and stands out in the natural environment. The wood of the balconies and facades of the house, as well as the garden fence, comes from our forests. The location is panoramicsunny all year round.

B&Beautyfol is comfortable and modern, designs itself with linear style and materials which remind the colours of nature. It makes available only two rooms and offers full freedom both with internal and external places. Here you can breathe nature, creativity, atmosphere, authenticity, passion: everything’s inspiring!

About us

Felicetti is one of the 19 original surnames of the inhabitants of the feudal property of Predazzo. Since ‘70s grandpa Eugenio aimed to build a small guesthouse here at Fol. Unfortunately, his dream never came true. Only in these last years, we developed the idea to open our home to the guests, with the awareness that Fol, loved by grandpa Eugenio, is really a special place. Thanks to Petra and Greta, and the support and competence of the whole family, pushed by the strong connections with our homeland Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa valleys, we created a tiny big dream. We would like that this will be one of your places of heart.

La nostra storia… dal Medioevo a Oggi

Entrate nella nostra bella storia.

Avrete l’opportunità di vivere con la nostra famiglia che fin dal medioevo fa parte della comunità della Val di Fiemme.

Felicetti è uno dei 19 cognomi originari dei “vicini” della Regola Feudale di Predazzo alla quale già dal 1318 viene riconosciuto il godimento dell’Alpe di Vardabe e la sua cura: dai prati e pascolo del bestiame al bosco e taglio del legname. Valori di protezione e salvaguardia ambientale che precedono di svariati secoli il progetto “Agenda 2030 per lo sviluppo sostenibile”.

“Fai della tua vita un sogno, e di un sogno una realtà”.

Siamo entusiasti di avere realizzato il desiderio di nonno Eugenio custode forestale per conto della Regola Feudale, che fin dai primi anni ’70 con lungimiranza ambiva a realizzare una struttura ricettiva per accogliere e condividere con gli Ospiti questo amato luogo.

Siamo orgogliosi di poter affermare di essere unici sul Monte Vardabe!

Con passione e dedizione, abbiamo aperto la nostra Casa al mondo offrendo due camere di nuova costruzione, con affaccio sulla natura, per un sano riposo nelle Dolomiti, patrimonio di freschezza e salubrità.

Entrate nel nostro sogno: nell’accoglienza di famiglia vi rendiamo partecipi delle nostre giornate tra natura e avventura.

Where we are

Since ancient times, the hill Fol, right at the foot of mount Feudo, was called “stua de Pardac” because of the morning sun that it takes first. This location both stimulated the wake up of people and livestock and facilitated the farming activities. “Stua” actually refers to what today we’re used to call the “living area”, the HEART of the house, where activities encouraged by the natural light, the morning light, take place.

B&Beautyfol’s location, a stone’s throw from Latemar lifts station, makes you easily forget the everyday stress. The airy and dry climate inspires regeneration of mind, body and soul; meadows and wood of the surrounding forests has a calming effect, which gives a deep and soothing sleep.


In the family chalet we offer our guests two news and comfortable no smoking rooms

Torri del Vajolet Room

In homage to Val di Fassa valley and to the great alpinists who wrote important pages of the history of the alpinism of the Dolomites: a place which fascinates and intrigues, even nowadays!

Wide and well-lit bathroom, has a comfortable walk-in shower and full services, hair-dryer included.

  • For 2 people; king-bed or twin-bed.
  • Total area bedroom and bathroom 19mq.

Relaxing view on the rural landscape which changes at the slow rhythm of the seasons.

Torre di Pisa Room

In honor of Val di Fiemme valley, of the fairy alpenglow “Enrosadira” and of the geological history of the Dolomites: minerals and rocks have been object of study since 1800, now they are Unesco World Heritage!

Comfortable and well-lit bathroom with window, has a comfortable walk-in shower and full services, hair-dryer included.

  • For 2 people; king-bed or twin-bed.
  • Total area bedroom and bathroom 16mq.

A glimpse on the lush meadow or on the fairy winter, on the secular forests and on the mount Feudo that overlooks everything.

Order, simplicity  and balance of the spaces: these are the elements we first took into consideration for planning the rooms, like the consoles of the bathrooms, finely handmade out of wood by the hands of Alessandro. Rooms are north-facing, the gentle slope you can see from the windows gives a natural sense of protection and tranquillity for sleeping. Independent temperatures, relaxing colours, natural essences. To start the day with an extra gear, our windows let you fall asleep looking at a starry sky or wake up with the early morning natural light and the sounds of nature. A mix of positive emotions that give energy and calm at the same time.

Rooms do not have balconies: you can enjoy a splendid panoramic view from sunrise to sunset, from the patio and the garden, accessible at all times.

The breakfast with a smile!

Every morning, in the bright veranda withpanoramic views, you can enjoy our tasty and healthy breakfast. In summer also on the patio. Traditional Italian espresso and cappuccino. Selection of teas and infusions. Genuine apple juice and freshly squeezed orange juice from Calabria and Sicily. Eggs and dairy products, ham and speck from the Dolomites and many delicacies from small local farms. Fragrant bread, jams and marmalades, cakes and tarts made with our own hands. We smile with you every morning.

Breakfast with a Lagorai-view

Sunrise with its infinite spaces creates an atmosphere full of magnificence beauty. Brave destinations in an untouched and stunning alpine landscape, which reminds to historic events. Introduction to a good day: enjoy our delicious and invigorating breakfast  with selected local products, in the sunny veranda or outside in the garden, with curious eyes on the wild and rugged Tibet of the Dolomites.

Wainscoting wall

The Boiserie, original from Val di Fiemme of the 1800s, is dedicated to the consultation of books and guide-books. The living room matches perfectly with the veranda: a cosy and balanced space, essential and luminous at any time of the day.

Sightseeing places around B&Beautyfol:

Side Chapel of Feudo built by the feudal property of Predazzo in 1683. “Maso delle Coste” alpine farmstead built in 1801, an amazing panoramic terrace overlooking Predazzo, with a view on the Dolomites – Pale di San Martino. Ski Jumping stadium, where for three times took place the Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined world championship and will be seat of the Olympic Winter Games in 2026!

You can’t miss it

Four seasons, plenty of colours and a relaxing holiday at B&Beautyfol. Nature talks to us with the elegance of a changing landscape which reawakens our senses.  Everything’s doze and silent under the snow. Springtime smells of terrain that comes to life again, of fields full of flowers, of wild herbs. The gaze follows fawns which are looking for fresh pasture and watches the swallow’s flights up in the sky. The grass grows and releases its fresh smell after every cut, hay leads us to the end of summer. Warm coloured leaves mark autumn, when cows come down from mountain pastures and cattle herds go back to the plains. Strolling in the forests to hear the sounds of the woods, hugging a tree surrounded by the warmth of the sun becomes a need for the lonely human spirits and for those who sees nature as a holy temple. Day shorten and give an extra privilege: the silence of mountain, as source of new energy and opportunity for meditation and concentration. While the first snow is already come and the contrasts are spectacular.

Snow experience

In winter, you are the protagonists: the snow of the Dolomites offers you wonderful walks in silent nature or joyful skiing on perfectly groomed slopes. World Cup races and jazz concerts directly on the snow are events not to be missed.

Emotions of summer 2024

A mountain of exciting and authentic experiences awaits you here, on foot or on two wheels. You can choose your itineraries from the Lagorai to Latemar, from Catinaccio to Marmolada and other prestigious mountains and passes in the Dolomites. The Predazzo bio-lake and its solarium area offer relaxation and bathing!

Beautyfol Experience

“Si può dire che l’esterno di una montagna è cosa buona per l’interno di un uomo.”  (George Wherry)

Esperienze uniche e splendidi panorami renderanno ancora più speciale la vostra vacanza in Trentino.

Alessandro e Petra saranno felici di darvi suggerimenti per scoprire i mille volti delle Dolomiti.

Informazioni utili

Reservation: the availability will be confirmed by e-mail as soon as possibile, however within max. 24 hours from the request. In case you require it, we’ll send you an e-mail showing the conditions of stay together with the deposit paying methods. As soon as we receive it, the reservation will be confirmed.

Check-in from 3 pm to 9 pm
by 10 am

Paying methods: cash, debit or credit card.

Parking: B&Beautyfol guests may use a parking space for each room free of charge; garage is available for bikes and motorbikes.

Pets areNot allowed


Cancellation: deposit will be fully refund by receiving a written communication (e-mail or phone message) no later than 30 days before the arrival day. If the cancellation comes later, the deposit won’t be refunded.

Fol foliage: la voglia di scoprire

  • Parcheggio
  • Garage per moto
  • Deposito biciclette
  • Giardino
  • Escursioni con accompagnamento nella filosofia Undertourism
  • Proposte vacanza green
  • Area fumatori
  • Wi-Fi
  • Prese ricarica usb
  • Sano riposo e silenzio (dalle 22:00 alle 8:00)
  • Colazione del buonumore con vista (dalle 8:00 alle 9:30 e su richiesta orario anticipato)
  • Sapori trentini la nostra piccola guida alla migliore gastronomia del territorio
  • Ciclabile a 100mt costeggiando l’Avisio in un incredibile scenario naturale tra le valli di Fiemme e Fassa
  • Noleggio e-bike e biciclette nelle vicinanze
  • Impianti risalita Predazzo – Gardonè – Passo Feudo a 800mt
  • Eventi #ISuoniDelleDolomiti
  • Museo Geologico delle Dolomiti, in centro a Predazzo, è punto di riferimento per i geologi di tutto il mondo
  • SPA e trattamenti firmati QC Terme Dolomiti: ingresso giornaliero o serale alla SPA a tariffa scontata solo per voi
  • PANORAMAPASS 3 giorni su 6 = € 81,- a persona
  • FIEMME MOUNTAIN PASS 3 giorni su 7 = € 60,- a persona
  • Servizio NCC: comodita’ senza perdite di tempo, su prenotazione
  • Trentino Guest Card senza alcun costo aggiuntivo: per viaggiare gratuitamente sui mezzi pubblici in tutto il Trentino
  • Mezzi pubblici: fermata a 500mt servita da percorso pedonale; fermata a 250mt servita da sentiero
  • Castelli, Fortezze, Musei in Trentino Arena di Verona ingresso a tariffa ridotta: imperdibile occasione per immergersi nella storia di Trento

Information request

B&Beautyfol live nature

  • Adults Only 14+